Evaluation of Speech Production Language Comprehension and expression

2020 CPT/HCPCS/DRG 92523
Negotiated Private Fee $150.00
Prossam $60.00
Champva $235.87
First Medical $30.00
First Medical Vital $26.32
Plan de Salud Menonita $30.00
Menonita Vital $139.32
Humana Gold plus/ Gold choice Ambulatory Payment classification (APC)
Humana $165.21
Mapfre No Contracted
Mcs Classicare $33.74
MCS Life $33.74
Medicare Ambulatory Payment classification (APC)
MMM By Therapy Network
MMM Vital Not Contracted
Panamerican Life Not Contracted
PMC By Therapy Network
Tricare $232.22
Triple S Salud Not Covered
Triple S Vital Not Covered
Triple S Advantage Ambulatory Payment classification (APC)
Negotiated Minimum Charge $26.32
Negotiated Maximus Charge $232.22
Discounted Cash Price $120.00

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