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Due to COVID-19 and for safety reasons, the Shadowing Program is suspended until further notice. Sorry for the inconvenience.


The Shadowing Program is intended to provide high school or college students a career orientation under the mentorship of an attending physician. It offers an experience in the medical field for students interested in exploring Medicine as a career.

All of the participants will be assigned to an attending physician, will follow him/her during his regular working schedule for a period of 2 to 4 weeks.


  • Expose the student to hospital and ambulatory based medicine
  • Become familiar with the needs of cancer patients
  • Identify the level of knowledge and skills expected of a medical student
  • Observed daily activities of an attending physician
  • Become familiar with a wide range of specialties within Medicine
  • Identify potential mentors and career advisors
  • Explore a realistic experience in the workday of the specialties within Medicine
  • Expand their knowledge in Medicine


  • High school senior, 17 years old or older. Those older than 21 will require parental or guardian sign permission.
  • Interested in a career in Medicine
  • Minimum GAP of 3.5
  • Fluent in Spanish or English
  • The Hospital Oncológico Dr. Isaac González Martínez reserves the right to terminate this shadowing experience at any time

Application process and requirements

  • Contact with Medical Director’s office (787-763-4149 x1066) to obtain the application form
  • Attend to orientation meeting: including brief orientation on HIPAA, confidentialities guidelines, infection control and emergency/safety procedures
  • Complete the application form, Emergency medical form and sign Confidentiality Statement
  • Sign the permission form, those under 21 years of age
  • Copy of up to date immunization record, must include
    • Influenza (during the season)
    • Hepatitis B
    • Varicella
  • Wear a white coat
  • Wear an ID provided by the Hospital
  • Application Fee $75 check payable to Facultad Médica Hospital Oncológico (for the tumor boards)
  • Patients will be informed by the attending and will need to consent to the activity
  • Conduct
    • Students are guests at the Hospital facility, therefore it is expected that the participant will act courteously and respectfully at all times. Students should display active listening skills and a positive attitude. If at any time the attending feels the student’s conduct is inappropriate, they may ask the student to leave the hospital premises
    • Smoking IS PROHIBITED
    • Dress code: no shorts, no hats, no miniskirts, no bare midriffs, clean and comfortable shoes. Clean and tidy looking clothes. Do not wear clothes that revealed skin
    • Cell phones are not allowed while interacting with patients, if necessary must be kept in bags at an assign locker


  • Coordination of rotation schedule and assignment to participating faculty will be through the Medical Director’s Office
  • All of the documents will be filled completely and returned to the Medical Director’s Office at least 2 weeks before the starting date
  • Monday to Friday during regular working hours, to be assigned at the Medical Director’s Office
  • Rotation will take place at the attending’s clinic, during rounds to ward or at the OR

Shadowing student’s responsibilities

  • If the students is sick must notify his/her assigned attending physician for cancellation and rescheduling. If the whole rotation is affected, rescheduling will be done through the Medical Director’s Office.
  • Participants must be on time as per the daytime schedule agreed with the attending physician.
  • If the student is absent without prior notification to his attending or Medical Director’s Office, the experience will be canceled as a whole and no extra opportunities will be offered.
  • $75 application fee is non-refundable

Attached forms

  • Application
  • Emergency authorization form
  • Confidentiality
  • Parent/ guardian permission for participants under 21
  • Students shadowing evaluation form

No candidate shall be discriminated on a basis of race, color, sexual orientation, disability or religious belief.

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